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Corporate Responsability in France : Corporate Image still Key Driver

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Corporate Responsability Strategy in Place. Nearly all French companies (90%) have now a ‘Developpement Durable‘ (DD) strategy in place (76% in 2008, according to a recent study of Limelight Consulting (1)). As well, many companies (62%) have created a decidated departments for DD (55% in 2008).

Strategic Reason : Corporate Image. ‘The Company’s  Corporate Image‘ is mentioned as the most important strategic motivation for DD (36%). Other plausible reasons seem less manifest, such as ‘responding to customer requirements ‘ (13%), or ‘new ways of innovation’ (7%) or ‘cost reduction‘ (5%). 69% of respondents take environmental impact into account in their communication activities.

Performance Indicators still Rare. Not many companies have still quantitatied nor are measuring their specific environmental or social objectives. 16% has created performance indicators,  14% calculates regularly calculates its carbon footprint.

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Sustainable Products are Upcoming. Despite the focus on communication, an encouraging 80% of the companies state to have started development of sustainable products and services last year.

Source : 1. Study of Limelight Consulting Study (Sept 2009) with 129 participating French companies.


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