Sustainable Innovation

Best Practices – Framework

Companies. For the upcoming Best Practices, I have started to interview large French companies. Many of them are listed at the CAC40. I choose the frontrunners according to peers and industry groups.

Questions. The interviews have an explorative character, following 4 questions :

  1. What are CR objectives of your company ? How are they implemented ?
  2. Is CR is a Source of Innovation in your company ? What are examples ?
  3. Does the actual Economic Crisis impacts your Sustainable activities ?
  4. What is your outlook for the near future ?

Does CR create value ? : Is CR already seen as an opportunity to create a competitive advantage ? Does it mean ‘Value Creation’ to the company ?

3 layer model porter and kramer 06

Interpretation of the Model of Porter and Kramer, 2006 (1), also described by D. Franklin (2)

Porter and Kramer describe 3 layers of Corporate Responsibility. The 3rd, ‘ Emphasis on Opportunity’,  is the most trendy. It represents companies where CSR (or CR) is being used to create competitive advantage.

1. Traditional Corporate Philanthropy : Corporate Charity, Giving Back to the Community;

2. Risk Management : Stakeholder Dialogues, Transparent Reporting, Codes of conducts, Compliance, Avoiding Negative Publicity;

3. Emphasis on Opportunity :  Creating a Competitive Advantage ; Creation Innovation, Incorporation of CR as company strategy.

Sources : 1. ‘Strategy & Society : The link between competative advantage and corporate social responsibility’, by M. Porter and M. Kramer in Harvard Business Review, 12/06, and  2. ‘Just Good Business’, by D. Franklin, in The Economist 19/01/08.


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