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City of Paris Makes Energy Use of Buildings Visible
November 2, 2009, 5:11 pm
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parijs van boven parijs bouwblok van boven

Thermographic maps and building facades, City of Paris

French apartments could use some Renovation. Do you know that French houses use more than twice the energy on average than its equivalent Northern European houses ? See an earlier post. Denis Baupin, deputy of major Bertrand Delanoe from the Ecologists Party, adds that the 100.000 Parisien apartments use the energy equivalent to the production of 4 nucleair plants. Before, citizens did not pay much attention to energy use, as it was not regarded as expensive nor scarce. This is all changing now. The City of Paris wants to stimulate housing renovation to reduce the cities energy use. Encouraged are insulation works, installing double windows, changing heating systems or changing habits such as closing the windows and window shutters.

Thermographic Maps to show the energy leaks. Currently, a website is being built with ‘thermographic’ maps and building pictures of all Parisien building types. The infrared pictures, will allow people to understand better where and to which extend their house is tending to leak energy (heath) for instance through windows or doors.  The maps won’t replace a customised thermic diagnostic of individual building but nevertheless gives a good idea of the necessity of better insulation.

During the ‘Journées Parisiennes Energie et Climat’ (22-25 October), the first 500 building facade pictures were shown in the Palais Brongiart. The infrared pictures were made in the winter (temperature below 5 degrees). The colour red indicates a strong energy loss, the colour blue indicates good insulation.

gebouw infrarouge batiment infrarouge

source : ‘les pertes de chaleur détectées a l’infrarouge’.


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