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EDF visualises electrical currents
November 9, 2009, 11:40 am
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Table Energy Leaker 1 table energy leaker 2

‘Coupe Veille Strip’ – Photos by Stephane Villard-EDF design / Gilles Belley 

Energy consomption behaviour of people is closely studied by the French energy giant EDF. One of the recognized trends is the need to have real time energy consomption information. Currently, you can’t see at first hand whether equipment is leaking energy. Consequently you are not triggered to change your behaviour (such as shutting off electrical equipment if not in use).

Make Energy Use Visible. EDF R&D Design in cooperation with industrial designer Gilles Belley have changed the difficulty into an opportunity. A series of concept products have been developed that make energy consomption very visible. In a very esthetical and pleasant way. Among the products are the ‘Coupe Veille’ office desk strips. The product warns of wasted energy of office equipment with a  scatter light pattern. And it automatically shuts oft electrical equipment that is not in use.

Intelligent buttons and sockets. The ‘Nootan’ on/off button spreads a nice colour shade when the light is turned ‘on’. The socket ‘Semaphore Electrique’ changes colour according to the electricity tariff. Both makes people more aware about their energy use and cost.

Awareness is a first step towards behaviour change. The EDF products are still in concept phase. They are not meant to be to on the market soon. However they perfectly illustrate the road ahead for electrical equipment. People will be more aware about energy use and costs. Which is a trigger for user behaviour change and help to reduce the environmental footprint.

prise 2prise colour tarif

Interrupeur Nootan                    Semaphore electrique

Photos by Véronique Huyghe / Gilles Belley

Sources : OBDesigner, and ‘Energy Consumption Made Visible’, in ‘Intramuros’, Hors series, EDF, Design Center and Mairie de Paris.


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