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Risks of Sustainability Buzz ; Targeted Examples Obligatory
February 4, 2010, 11:00 am
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Communication around Sustainable Development in France risks to become less credible in 2009. Though French people know more about environmental advantages, their interest is decreasing. There is a risk of ‘saturation’ on the topic.

These are results of a survey of French research agency IFOP recently presented. 91% of French people are familiar with the word ‘Developpement Durable’ (‘Sustainable Development’). 88% of the people seperate waste to recycle. People seem to be aware of the roles of entreprises and institutions. Media messages tend to be perceived as overwhelming in 2009. People tend to be ‘saturated’ by the subject. 

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It may not come as a surprise. Earlier, I’ve reported about the vast media attention on ‘Developpement Durable‘ in newspapers, on TV and in public spaces in France in the last 2 years. Let’s state, first of all, that is is positive to hear that citizens are more aware of the role they could play and its environmental consequences. This is a good achievement. Everything starts with this.

If the French government wants to continue its Sustainable Development Education Progam, it should choose its tools carefully. Mass media (and dashboards) will certainly be not sufficient anymore. The new Sustainable Development messages of both public and private organisations needs to be very targeted, to precise consumer groups, and to individual industry sectors. In order to gain attention, detailed – and certainly French – examples and benefits for individuals or enterprises should be communicated, such as energy cost reduction, feeling good and a healthy lifestyle.


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