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KPN offering Smart Metering Solutions to Energy Providers

Electricity service providers are preparing themselves for the new energy revolution : decentrally produced energy. Real time energy information will be crucial for a seamless service. KPN is supporting energy providers with a ‘smart metering’ service as of 2008. It is a first step in a more closer customer relationship between energy provider and customer and based on real time energy information. 


Gerard van der Hoeven is Innovation Manager at KPN, the Dutch market leading telecom operator. He explains how the energy sector has been identified for smart metering or telemetry solutions as an important and developing market.

The Dutch energy sector is subject of large changes, like privatisation, mergers and acquisitions (the Dutch Nuon is bought by the Swedish Vattenfall, Essent by the German energy giant E.On) as well as preparations for ‘smart grids’. Smart grids and related real-time information services will be necessary to anticipate on the expected increase of the number of households and enterprises that will generate energy.

Without doubt, real time information on energy consumption and generation will be key for a seamless services. This starts with the actual status of energy consumption per household or enterprise.

The smart metering service of KPN is an operational service as of 2008. In cooperation with the first customer Nuon/Vattenfall, 25.000 households are being equipped as of 2008 untill today with a new energy meter that contains a data mobile chip (GPRS/UMTS SIM Card). Metering data are automatically send on a daily basis via KPNs mobile networ to KPNs software platforms that manage the communication and store the data.

KPN takes care of the energy meter placement and the services that come with the smart metering service that makes information directly readable by the energy provider and to be used as input for the energy bills and online reporting.

The Smart Metering service allows energy providers to have a better understanding of the energy spend of its customers. It allows them to understand the customers energy consumption better, create a market segmentation and differentiate their energy products.

Secondly it can mean a substantial cost reduction. People do not need to move around to read out the meter which saves salaries and petrol. It also reduces carbon emissions.

Lastly, the service means a first step in a more extensive customer relationship that goes beyond the monthly energy bill which will be obligatory once households and enterprises start to generate and sell their own produced energy .   

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