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Alternative cleaning with Cleanea : better for environment, employees health and companies expenses.
March 31, 2010, 10:24 am
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Instead of buying thousands of flacons of cleaning products, companies can now create their own cleaning products by using water, salt, and an ‘Electrolyser’ installation. Impossible ? Not feasible ? To the contrary ! The French PME Cleanea offers its products and services that are not harmful for the environment nor the employees health ánd create a substantial cost reduction. Which suits very well a Sustainable Corporate Strategy..


Jean-Christophe Pruvoust, co-founder of Cleanea

The Company Cleanea

Cleanea has been created by Jean-Christophe Pruvost and Patrick Fournier in 2009. Both leaning on an extensive career in hospitality and cleaning  in various roles, Pruvost and Fournier have started their new company based the evident trend of a more sustainable enterprise behaviour and a new  technical electrolysing principle. By just using adding salt and water, an electrolysing equipment can create cleaning products on site.

The Customer Needs

At date, many enterprises, hotels and other organisations with over 100 rooms usually buy their cleaning and detergent products in plastic flacons and stock them locally. Purchase and stock costs are substantial. People who work with these products experience allergic reactions or problems with a whitening skin. Company directions also do not like the idea that the chlorus and other detergent products potentially create a harmful effect on the environment, which is not in line with the CSR and Sustainability policies. In short : there is a need for cheaper cleaning products that are less harmful for the environment and the employees health.

The principle : Producing onsite cleaning products with the Electrolyser

Cleanea is offering an equipment called ‘the Electrolyser’ for sale or for rent which allows the Facility Manager to create two cleaning products : a disinfecting solution (acid, HClO) as well as a cleaning solution (base, Na+ et OH-) just on the basis of water and salt (NaCl). In fact, only water, an electric socket and salt are needed. Customers can call Cleaneas partner ReflexServices for any assistance they may need with the Electrolyser equipment. Cleanea is distributing itself the necessary salt-to be refilled every 1-2 months. 


  • Cost reduction : First of all, the on-site production of cleaning products can reduce costs significantly. Depending on the business case, an ROI of 8 to 24 months is calculated. After that costs are divided by 6.
  • Limited environmental impact / Supporting a Sustainable Company Strategy : The cleaning products are biodegradable as they are made of natural materials. Products are compatible with bactericide norms (EN1040, EN 1276 and EN1275)
  • No health impact : The product are non-toxic and do not lead to dermatological problems.

The Customer experiences

The most important feedback of customers is that the quality of cleaning and des-infecting is similar (or better than) existing products, explains Pruvost. Among Cleaneas customers who can confirm this experience are not the least such as Mercure and Hyatt Hotels.



The products and services delivered by Cleanea are an excellent example that contributes to a cost efficient and sustainable change in a company.


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