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From waste collector to raw materials supplier : van Gansewinkel launches cradle2cradle office paper

The Gansewinkel Group (The Netherlands) has recently launched its new product : Van Gansewinkel office paper, powered by Océ : the first office paper in the world that is cradle2cradle certified. The product launch is remarkable, as the van Gansewinkel Group has, over the years, developed from a traditional waste collector to a supplier of sustainable raw materials and energy supplier.

Van Gansewinkel Office Paper, cradle2cradle certified, reducing 100% wood consumption, 85% water consumption, 72% electricity use and reducing 53% CO2 emissions compared to standard office paper

Why did the Van Gansewinkel Group develop its own office paper ?

Florens Slob, Marketing manager at the van Gansewinkel Group states : Our motto is ‘Afval Bestaat Niet’ (or in English : There’s no such thing as waste). We make all efforts to give waste a second life as a raw material or as a product. By analyzing our customers waste streams we identify how their waste can be re-used for the development of other products or as an energy source.

We have noticed that a large proportion of our customers waste consists of paper and cardboard. Of which a substantial part is high quality office paper. Recycling paper for newspapers and tissue paper is yet common practice. However, our challenge was to close the product cycle for our customers and offer both a service for shredding and recycling ‘old’ office paper as well as developing  ‘new’ office paper that could be used again.

How has the new office paper been developed  ?

The new office paper has been developed according to the guidelines of the scientific Cradle-to-Cradle institute EPEA. The development is a result of a close partnership with the document management and printing system supplier Océ and sustainable paper producer Steinbeis. Van Gansewinkel brings in used and shredded office paper provided by its customers. Paper producer Steinbeis produces the office paper. Océ contributes with its office paper and media knowledge and distribution channels – That is why the paper is co-branded as ‘powered by Océ’.

Van Gansewinkel partners with Océ and Steinbeis to develop and sell its office paper.

What are the advantages of the new Van Gansewinkel Office paper ?

Functionality & Price : First of all, the paper has a high standard quality for a reasonable price  – just as professional customers expect their office paper to be.

Ecological benefits : Secondly, it offers a number of ecological advantages : The production of the new paper takes up to 83% less water and 72% less energy than standard office paper. The CO2 emission reductions are estimated at 53%. Maybe the most important advantage is that no trees need to be cut down to produce this paper. Mind that 7,5 kg of wood that is needed for 1 pack of standard office paper.  

Is the office paper ready for sale yet ?

Yes it is. Professional customers based in Belgium, The Netherlands or Luxembourg you can contact Van Gansewinkel or Océ :

Is the Van Gansewinkel Group planning to develop more products ?  

Absolutely ! Our office paper is the first cradle2cradle certified product that Van Gansewinkel brings on the market. More products are expected to follow as a result of our partnerships with customers and industry partners.

To name a few examples :  Van Gansewinkel investigates with Philips how coffee-machines can be shredded and re-used as raw materials for new products. It exchanges with carpet manufacturer Desso how used carpets can be recycled, with manufacturer Mosa how broken tiles can be brought into the production processes and with Ahrend how used office furniture (parts) can be reused.

So, certainly : more news to come !

Philips, Desso, Ahrend and Mosa : all partners of the Van Gansewinkel Group.

For more information have a look at : and


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