Sustainable Innovation

Salon Entreprise Durable II
October 27, 2009, 9:56 am
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Innovative products  presented at the Salon Entreprise Durable:

Office furniture of Arfeo. The French office furniture developer and producer Arfeo has a history of over 160 years. The company stands out in sustainable development, as it consequently uses Life Cycle Management Analyses in its development process : Only ecological materials and paint are being used (like FSC wood and solvable paints). Tables and chairs are always developed only for long term use (> 5 years). Furniture is constructed in a modulair way and components are easy to assembly and to disassemly. This facilitates the replacement of just one or two components and increases the life time. To make sure the furniture components could be given a 2nd life purpose, Arfeo has even set up a chain of recycling services.

Arfeo table

Arfeo Office Table and chair, Sis-Téma

Real Time Electricity Metering of Fludia

Spin-off from the French Energy incumbant EDF in 2002, Fludia offers real-time energy metering to companies. The technical metering and software tools are accompanied with demonstrations and trainings. Also real time presentation boards are installed at the companies entrance or restaurant to show the employees the effects of energy saving behaviour (shutting off lights, computers, printers, closing windows, etcetera..)

Energies Attitude

Real Time Energy Use Presentation at Companies Entrance, by Fludia.

Computer Processor Sleepmodes of AVOB

Over 90% of the time computer are on, the processor is only used partly or not at all.  The Avob Energy Saver makes sure that the computer processor energy used is tuning down to a lower and appropriate level to the task. This can save more than 50% of the energy use and consequently substantial monthly energy costs.


Principle of saving energy be adapting processor power, by AVOB

Sustainable Printing of Impression Durable

Despite the all present electronic office (emails, sites, electronic bills, electronic agendas, blogs, twitter and LinkedIn) the paperless office has not arrived yet. Companies are searching for responsable alternatives to reduce their paper use and minimise their environmental impact. (best practices at La Poste, Veolia) Impression Durable offers a Sustainable Printing solution, developed in cooperation with the French Engineering University ‘Ecole de Mine’. It includes the principles of a paper label (recycled, FSC), use of renewable energies, reduction of chemical waste, distribution with responsable transport and carbon footprint measurement per product.

Impression Durable

Sustainable Eco printing and communication, at Impression Durable


The Seminar has given a interesting panorama of companies that step in the ‘new market’ of Sustainable Development. It is recognised that companies are very careful about making new investments given the economical crisis. Nevertheless all industries are moving towards social and environmental policies. Innovation is a survival strategy. And they better be sustainable.