Sustainable Innovation

Take good care



2016 has brought us many positive turns. Perhaps we start to understand how to keep this world a great place to live in? The Global Climate Agreements following COP21 in Paris were rectified. Renewable energy is taking over fossil fuels as the cost price decreases. The UN Sustainable Development Goals offer a shared framework for public and private sector to mitigate societal issues. Unfortunately we are still witnessing devastating wars,  severe inequality, and malnutrition issues .. we are not there yet.

My wish for 2017: Keep up the good work and take good care:

  • Take good care of the planet. Let’s keep the world the beautiful place and home as we know it. Use less stuff, use it longer, recycle and use renewables.
  • Take good care of the people. Pay respect and be gentle. Close to home and as far as you can reach. We are in this game together. Be kind.
  • Take good care of yourself.  Be the best version of yourself. Work hard and play hard. Make choices. Enjoy. Relax. Be inspired. Cycle. Paint. Play the piano ; ).

 Have a great 2017!




Corporate Responsability in France : Corporate Image still Key Driver

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Corporate Responsability Strategy in Place. Nearly all French companies (90%) have now a ‘Developpement Durable‘ (DD) strategy in place (76% in 2008, according to a recent study of Limelight Consulting (1)). As well, many companies (62%) have created a decidated departments for DD (55% in 2008).

Strategic Reason : Corporate Image. ‘The Company’s  Corporate Image‘ is mentioned as the most important strategic motivation for DD (36%). Other plausible reasons seem less manifest, such as ‘responding to customer requirements ‘ (13%), or ‘new ways of innovation’ (7%) or ‘cost reduction‘ (5%). 69% of respondents take environmental impact into account in their communication activities.

Performance Indicators still Rare. Not many companies have still quantitatied nor are measuring their specific environmental or social objectives. 16% has created performance indicators,  14% calculates regularly calculates its carbon footprint.

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Sustainable Products are Upcoming. Despite the focus on communication, an encouraging 80% of the companies state to have started development of sustainable products and services last year.

Source : 1. Study of Limelight Consulting Study (Sept 2009) with 129 participating French companies.