Sustainable Innovation

Creating an Impulse in France

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How to stimulate Corporate Responsability in France ?

Conclusion 1 :  Define the Particular French challenges. Architect Marie-Helene Cantal proposes a careful study of the French territories, particular challenges and involved organisations. And make it French.  ‘We all have the responsibility now to weave the ecological perspective in French history and society if we want to create a real change and free our capacities and creativity ’.

Conclusion 2 : Showcase French industry examples. Striking French examples of successful Corporate Responsability are urgently needed. In all business sectors. To stimulate companies and increase confidence.

Conclusion 3 : Stimulate Transversal Working and Holistic Thinking. Sustainable Innovation requires a new way of thinking. Asking questions. Being prepared to do things differently. ‘Walking the talk’. Interaction is required between all existing business functions : Finance, Marketing, Purchase, Processes, Quality, Audit and Sales. It is a challenge in France. Employees are not used to work transversally. Nor particularly like it. Although crossing the lines of job descriptions is not common practice yet – it should. Transversal working is a key to successful Sustainable Innovation.