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Before the flood

To document the devastating effects of climate change, Leonardo DiCaprio travelled around the world and spoke to scientists, governmental and industry leaders.

DiCaprio & team analysed the melted ice layers on Groenland, witnessed burning forests in Indonesia and inspected the white-washed ocean coral riffs out of a submarine. The science is clear. The future unfortunately isn’t.

We need the world to urgently switch to renewable energy, energy efficient buildings, sustainable cities, clean transport, less waste, act upon the Sustainable Development Goals.

A sign of the times – 2016: More information:

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Needed : Measurable, Visible and Manageable Energy Consumption
October 28, 2009, 4:31 pm
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No clue about their Energy Consumption.

So far, people in France tend to pay not much attention to their energy consumption. How come ?

Automatic Payment. In France, every month the forecasted energy bill is deducted from ones bank account and the difference compensated once a year.

Indifference. Energy is still regarded as an eternal source. Thereby, French government believes that French energy is  considered as ‘not that bad to the environment’, compared to fossil fuels. 75% of the French energy (1) has nuclear origins that emits hardly green house gases (left aside the nuclear waste).

EDF echeancier sept 2009

Example of a EDF Bill Sept

Customers now want to ‘manage’ their energy spend.

Due to the economic crisis and increasing environmental awareness, both entreprises and citizens are now searching for new ways to reduce costs. The current energy bill is seen as ‘opaque’ and certainly not sufficiently transparent.

Suppliers respond with energy meters, energy management tools as well as product redesigns.

French multinationals (Bouygues Immobilier, Veolia, Total and EDF) as well as SME’s and start-ups (Fludia, AVOB) come up with innovative solutions that visualise energy use and help customers reducing their energy consumption. In the upcoming posts I will give you some examples.

1. source : World Nuclear Association